1. I have updated the app and I can't download video anymore, why?

This version of our application was re-designed in order to comply with requirements imposed on us by Apple in order to have our application available in the Apple Store. Apple informed us that its policy is to prohibit apps that allow users to record video from websites without the explicit written consent of that website. Your previous downloaded videos may be lost during update process.

2. How can I use the app?

Using the browser tab from the application, go to one of the streaming sites, find the video, and then play it. A pop-up will show up asking you if you want to Add to favorites or Play.You can save the video and watch later any time you want.

3. Why can't I just use my default browser?

The default browser cannot communicate with the application, which is why we created a special browser.

4. Can I rename a video I saved?

Of course. Go to the video, click Edit, then hold down on the desired video and change its name.

5. How do I delete a video?

Go to the Playlist, click Edit, then select the desired video and press the Delete key. Alternatively you can swipe over the item and the delete option will appear.

6. Can I create my own playlists?

Of course, go to the Library tab, click Edit, then press the + sign in order to add a new playlist.

7. How do I rename a playlist?

In the Playlist tab, Click Edit, then hold down on the name of the Playlist you want to edit and rename it.

8. How do I move an item to a playlist?

Access the ALL library, then hold down a video. A pop-up will show with 3 options and choose Add to Playlist

9. How do I remove an item from a playlist?

Access the playlist library, then hold down a video. A pop-up will show with 3 options and choose: Remove from this playlist. If you use Edit-> Delete, the video will be deleted from your library.

10. How do I send you feedback?

Go to Help-> Feedback and send us an email.

11. What I can do to help?

Please rate us in the App store (Help-> Rate the App), tell a friend about our app. (Help -> Tell a Friend). Also if you speak a different language than English and you can help us translate our app, we would appreciate it. (Help -> Send us feedback)

12. Is Recording Streaming Video Allowable?

You can read more about this here

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